Dec 18, 2009

the frank.. FRANKIE


'The act of mirroring... Frankie did with his baby (doll) .. and there is a shot where Frankie is mirroring Frankie's dad on the bed ...
well... in the last scene.. Frankie mirrors his Father's act as well... Leaves his baby for the new wheels got by his friends.

Thats Frankie.. a mirror of his dad.

Frankie is a retard but 'mirrors don't lie'...not even for a person who never realizes what the reality is.'

What do you think?

New Boy

NewBoy, a short feature film with the power of evoking the deepest emotion in a person...pure innocence.

I bet..... by the end of the would feel the same. A smile and a tear together.

Dec 10, 2009

my Mother-in-LUV

Thats her name on the top left corner of the pic 'LALITA PATRO'.

A splash of coolness and a misty mischievousness surrounds her personality. A childlike freshness and a wise intellect can make anybody comfortable. These are few things I have learnt from my Mother-in-law and I have fallen in love with her. I wondered and my heart gave a sunny smile when I saw her dancing to the old bollywood and oriya film songs.

After almost a year of my marriage I got an opportunity to spend few days with her. Although my heart had assured me of a pleasant time but still was pounding a little bit. My mother-in-law is a High School principal, and that explains why I was a bit anxious. My anxiousness melted away when I saw her waiting for me at her school. I was fervid to embrace her in my arms and give her a kiss on her cheek. I was eagerly awaiting these few days.

I want her to be in high spirits always.