Nov 19, 2009

LOVE is ALL you need

The loss of sensibilities was very much visible in my journey to India this time.

It wasn't that I was unaware but the openess to see and accept the games people play here to feel the zeal to be a winner every moment was disheartening. Being aggressive to achieve their goals, humans have lost the humaness. Like some emperors we fight each other but unlike the martyrs who rest in peace, we swell with proud and the unhealthy hierarchy of our society. What could be the cure? I have no idea. The continuous attempt to be in some kind of power makes us evil rather than responsible.

Humans can never be humans while breathing inhumaness. The society resists the humanness which scares us to be a good being again. While traveling from Mumbai to Bhubaneswar, a middle aged man asked me ‘Why is Delhi so unsafe for women…as well as men’ .. to which I said ‘ Delhi is a place where people have come from so many different places…they do not belong to Delhi…and they will never belong ..because they lack commitment. Commitment, a character which is wished by everybody and committed by none. People sharing shelters away from home get a preference in portraying a personality which they may not be in true sense. The carelessness is present in people who are cared less. That’s what I feel.’

All you need is love…LOVE is ALL you need.