Dec 18, 2009

the frank.. FRANKIE


'The act of mirroring... Frankie did with his baby (doll) .. and there is a shot where Frankie is mirroring Frankie's dad on the bed ...
well... in the last scene.. Frankie mirrors his Father's act as well... Leaves his baby for the new wheels got by his friends.

Thats Frankie.. a mirror of his dad.

Frankie is a retard but 'mirrors don't lie'...not even for a person who never realizes what the reality is.'

What do you think?

New Boy

NewBoy, a short feature film with the power of evoking the deepest emotion in a person...pure innocence.

I bet..... by the end of the would feel the same. A smile and a tear together.

Dec 10, 2009

my Mother-in-LUV

Thats her name on the top left corner of the pic 'LALITA PATRO'.

A splash of coolness and a misty mischievousness surrounds her personality. A childlike freshness and a wise intellect can make anybody comfortable. These are few things I have learnt from my Mother-in-law and I have fallen in love with her. I wondered and my heart gave a sunny smile when I saw her dancing to the old bollywood and oriya film songs.

After almost a year of my marriage I got an opportunity to spend few days with her. Although my heart had assured me of a pleasant time but still was pounding a little bit. My mother-in-law is a High School principal, and that explains why I was a bit anxious. My anxiousness melted away when I saw her waiting for me at her school. I was fervid to embrace her in my arms and give her a kiss on her cheek. I was eagerly awaiting these few days.

I want her to be in high spirits always.

Nov 19, 2009

LOVE is ALL you need

The loss of sensibilities was very much visible in my journey to India this time.

It wasn't that I was unaware but the openess to see and accept the games people play here to feel the zeal to be a winner every moment was disheartening. Being aggressive to achieve their goals, humans have lost the humaness. Like some emperors we fight each other but unlike the martyrs who rest in peace, we swell with proud and the unhealthy hierarchy of our society. What could be the cure? I have no idea. The continuous attempt to be in some kind of power makes us evil rather than responsible.

Humans can never be humans while breathing inhumaness. The society resists the humanness which scares us to be a good being again. While traveling from Mumbai to Bhubaneswar, a middle aged man asked me ‘Why is Delhi so unsafe for women…as well as men’ .. to which I said ‘ Delhi is a place where people have come from so many different places…they do not belong to Delhi…and they will never belong ..because they lack commitment. Commitment, a character which is wished by everybody and committed by none. People sharing shelters away from home get a preference in portraying a personality which they may not be in true sense. The carelessness is present in people who are cared less. That’s what I feel.’

All you need is love…LOVE is ALL you need.

Aug 28, 2009

When O2 is a make-belief H2O

We had ordered a Brita Water Filteration System at Amazon and I just recieved it. The medium size cardboard box contained the product, another pack of 3 filters and a string of air packets. Yeah, air packets for a safe shipping and delivery. I was so eager to drink some fresh filtered water that I completely ignored the presence of these air packets. Well, after following the user's guide and a half an hour of cleaning the pitcher, soaking the filter, pouring the water into the reservoir, I finally gulped some hopefully pure transparent liquid.

Well, then I checked out these air packets and thought what can I do with them. (I usually think like can I...)

And, the only thing that came instantaneously to my mind was to stand on them. And it turned out to be 'an experience'. 

We humans are so insecure that we feel so safe to follow habits which we are accustomed to. I knew it won't hurt me, 'coz I am too big and heavy to be toppled over by a small 10"X6" packet of air. But then sometimes we do fear to experiment. 

I was surrounded by the mental images of astronauts walking on the moon, aliens strolling in the other planets  and what makes them look like match sticks with only a head which is visible on their creepy skinny bodies. 
I went on to blame the earth's gravitational force to be responsible for making the human race fat. 

And how come I have never seen a 'FAT ANT' .. hmmm!!

So, I stood on it and wallah...!!! I got an Idea !! 

Just imagine...
... you are inside an aquarium watching the jelly 
fishes, humble fish and plenty of beautiful, magnificent, breatht
aking sea beings...but instead of standing on a concrete floor you are trying to settle yourself on the air packets. It will make you feel almost as vulnerable as you would have felt beneath the deep waters. For people who haven't ever tried to or fear to hold their breath inside water they will go crazy on the floor. 

The whole  idea is to replicate some experiences and deliver in a manner which is safe and never fades from the memory. 

Let me stand on the air packets again... 

Aug 13, 2009

Change Clothes in Public

How about making people wear new clothes before even trying them out in the trial/fitting rooms?

Everybody loves to see themselves in the mirror, and everybody loves to see themselves in new clothes. So, here is an idea which will help people change their clothes in public.

Anyways here is an idea for VM...

Pullout the manequins and let people see themselves wearing the clothes. Use mirrors...

This is just a concept... with an intention of giving people freedom to play and a delightful experience.

The concept could also be played with a garment being dressed on a wireframe and kept against a mirror.

The wireframe concept is inspired by a trick i learned from a magic show.

So can we have some MAGIC !!